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QPS offer a full range of co pack facilities to suit their customer needs and requirements. QPS have undertaken work for many major companies, including Wilkinson Sword, L'Oreal, Staedtler and many more.

QPS undertakes hand assembly and various machine finishing and have assisted it's customers in all year round, seasonal and promotional contracts.

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Service List

  • Hand Assembly

    Hand Assembly

    QPS hand assemble a variety of products from 1 part - multipart products being placed into their packs or kits ready for distributaion and direct point of sale. We collate finished single packs into shelf ready trays and displays.
    We provide assembly services to many sectors such as manufacturers, retailers and print companies.

  • Gift Packing

    Gift Packing

    QPS pack a variety of gift packs where presentation is critical, placing individual items into a presentation pack such as box sets and perfume sets. Larger production runs are setup on assembly lines, however smaller production runs are run off line.
    Gift packs are coded, labelled and sometimes shrinkwrapped.

  • Bagging

    Bagging (Heat Seal)

    QPS fill self-seal bags or can heat seal where required. Products are collated and inserted into open bags then sealed. Often ready for distribution to retailers.
    Bagging offers a great oppurtunity for point of sale or a basic means of packing for transit and warehouse purposes.

  • Label Print & Application

    Product Labelling Print & Application

    QPS can generate Barcodes as used throughout the supermarkets. QPS apply price labels, promo lables, barcode lables to products. Capabilities range from hand application to automatic label applicators.

  • Product Collating

    Product Collating

    QPS can collate various items into finished sets. Products include cosmetic kits and printed material into wallets for printers.

  • Inkjet Coding

    Coding - Inkjet

    Throughout the line packing process the need for traceability is achieved using inkjet coding on products. QPS recently invested in 3 new Hitachi Ink Jet Coders.

  • Shrink Wrapping


    QPS offer a wide range of shrinkwrapping options "L" Sealing, Sleeving in both PVC & Polythene. PVC offers a high visibility, point of sale option, protecting the product and keeping it clean. Polythene is generally a heavier, flexible film suitable for bundling and transit protection.

  • Blister Packing

    Blister Packing

    QPS can assist you with your blister packing requirements. QPS can source printed cards and plastic blisters. QPS have the equipment and expertise to fulfill your blister pack requirements.

  • OverWrapping


    QPS offer overwrapping (cello wrapping) as a high quality alternative to shrinkwrapping. The product is wrapped with film and both ends are folded and closed like envolopes, offering a well presented finish. Mainly carried out for perfumes and DVD manufacturers. QPS overwrapping capabilities are met using Sollas 20 and 17 wrappers.

  • PVC Sleeving


    QPS offer PVC Sleeving by way of promotional packs (twins) and tamper seals. QPS can source plain or printed sleeves. Sleeves are applied over products and passed through a heat process, shrinking the sleeve to the product. Sleeving is an ideal promotional retail pack (2 for 1) also offers good tamper evident sealing.

  • Flow Wrapping

    Flow Wrapping

    QPS flow wrapping facilities offer innovative and cost effective packaging solutions. Our flow wrappers have assorted crimp sizes which provide airtight seals and oppurtunities for euroslots for hook displays. Flow wrapping is extremely versatile and can accommodate various size products.

  • Quality Sorting & Rectification

    Quality Sorting & Rectification

    We can inspect products arriving from foreign suppliers and pass and reject to an agreed standard. In some circumstances we have offered an inspect and rectify service.
    We also offer a repackaging of stock, barcode labelling and overlabelling of old stock.